World Traffic 2 addon?

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World Traffic 2 addon?

Postby Greyman » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:52 pm

Has anyone tried the World Traffic 2 plugin via FI yet?

If so, does it work and what impact does it have on frame rates?

I'd like to have some AI planes flying/landing/taking off/moving around, to improve the immersion, but do not want to buy this to find that it doesn't work. I understand that WT 3 will be out soon and that this will be easier to setup, but again, it'd be good to know that it will work via FI.

Apart from being able to see more dynamic AI planes, there are also some additional views, of target aircraft and Radar screens for example, and i guess that this might present more of an issue for FI, given the current lack of out-of-cockpit views.
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