[Solved]X-Plane 11 Won't Start With FIXP Pro

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Re: X-Plane 11 Won't Start With FIXP Pro

Postby Stevil » Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:04 am

HammerT1me wrote:Just want to report that the issue has been resolved.

The fact that my X-Plane install is on a different drive than my Windows install caused a hiccup with the OpenGL file. A quick bit of coding magic by Dan, fixed everything.

If you have X-Plane installed on a drive other than Windows, and you are having problems with FlyInside and X-Plane working together, it's possible that this could be the problem.

All the Best,

Hey Tony,

thanks for your feedback here :) I hope you can now enjoy flying with FlyInside and if you still have questions you know where to find us ;)

Best regards
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Re: [Solved]X-Plane 11 Won't Start With FIXP Pro

Postby MRSHADO » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:30 am

This thread has peaked my interest....

Tony is aware of my issues with X-Plane 11 and Flyinside that just -all of a sudden- developed out of nowhere. It used to run fine. My Oculus software is all installed on my C:/ drive (Windows) while X-Plane 11, DCS, P3D and all others are installed on the D:/drive. SSDs all... (Windows drive is of NVMe S2 variety), but I am curious about this OpenGL thing.

What magic exactly did Dan perform to get them to play nicely, I wonder? It may even be irrelevant in my case.
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