11.05 released. Any performance changes or issues?

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Re: 11.05 released. Any performance changes or issues?

Postby Rift Flyer » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:15 pm

That's why I upgraded. I checked here for issues with flyinisde but never expected Laminar would have broken such an integral part of the main sim and not made it known in the release notes (it was meant to be just airports).

I adjusted one helicopter in plane maker to remove the rotor shadow completely. It's not a total loss but definitely does reduce immersion significantly. I'm now finding other issues though. Some trees are becoming transparent as I get close to them at low level. Arrrghh I should no better. I should have stayed at 11.02. I'll see you guys again when 11.1 drops. Hopefully these issues will have been addressed by then. For now I'm out.
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