Xplane Beta 8 issue

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Re: Xplane Beta 8 issue

Postby Greyman » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:40 pm

Perhaps it could have something to do with power saving on your USB drivers. Check out the Oculus forums to compare symptoms and for guidance on how to disable power saving, via device manager.

It might also be worth checking that you have the latest BIOS/drivers for your motherboard. I had to do that with my motherboard.

Finally, to save us asking the question about your hardware/software setup in the future, it would be really useful if you could add those details to your forum signature.
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Re: Xplane Beta 8 issue

Postby Natman22 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:55 am

Ok, so I was able to fly for a little over 30 minutes without the HMD disconnect after updating the USB hub driver so it looks like that was probably the issue. Before the driver update I was regularly experiencing the disconnect and crash at 5-10 minutes of flight. I disabled the USB auto-suspend in the device manager power profile some time ago so I don’t think that was an issue although I believe a recent major Windows update undid some of my personal power settings! I’ll have an opportunity to test Fly a few longer flights over the next few days to see if I am really in the clear. I’ll post agin if this issue returns. Thanks for the advice and suggestions guys!. Happy holidays!
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