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Setup help needed with Pimax 4k

PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:49 pm
by wigbam
Hi guys,

After reading multiple positive reviews about Pimax 4k and how amazing it was with X-Plane I have decided to bite the bullet and get myself an early xMas present. But after spending half a day trying to get it working with X-Plane 11.05 I am quite lost. I have been looking everywhere for some sort of a how-to guide, i.e. a step-by-step wiki describing what needs to be done in order to get it working with X-Plane, but all I could find were some random excerpts/thoughts/feedback which were of no practical use. I know that people successfully manage to play X-Plane under Pimax 4k so I hope somebody here is able to shed more light on the setup process.

My current system:
  • Windows 7 (updated, latest DirectX)
  • GTX GeForce 1080Ti (latest 388.31 driver)
  • PiPlay (latest version as of 26/11/2017)
  • X-Plane 11.05

I have my HMD connected to HDMI port of the graphics card as well as USB port of the system. The headset is recognized OK by PiPlay and I am able to configure it, watch 3D videos etc. Now here, where the whole process becomes somewhat mysterious. The FlyInside manual only describes on how to get Oculus and Vive connected, but there is no such guide for Pimax 4k?

I have tried installing the latest version of FlyInsideXP 1.83 Pro Vive and simply launching it, but all I got was "HMD Not Detected :(" error message. So it feels like I am missing some fundamental step here. I would appreciate it if somebody could either describe the procedure or point me to a how-to guide on how to connect Pimax 4K to FlyInside/X-Plane 11.

Re: Setup help needed with Pimax 4k

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:03 am
by Stevil
Hi wigbam,

AFAIK the Pimax is not officially supported by FlyInside but if you do a search on Pimax you may find some feedback from other users here.


Re: Setup help needed with Pimax 4k

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:37 pm
by Jclark93
I ordered Pimax 8k and will get it in about a month. I sure hope I can use it with x-plane/p3d via FI!