Problems with Flying at Night XP11.10

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Problems with Flying at Night XP11.10

Postby ACA235 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:06 pm


Have posted this in another forum with no results so wanted to bring this to all of you FI experts to see if you have experienced anything similar and more importantly - how you fixed it.

When flying at night in with clouds present - do you see pinkish - greenish crazy bad clouds through the Oculus Rift? In the day time this is fine but at night - its pointless to fly with any sort of clouds. The night textures on the cockpit window frames suffer quite badly too.

Any thoughts or assistance please? My Rift is 1 week old and oddly enough - this issue isnt present in P3Dv4
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Re: Problems with Flying at Night XP11.10

Postby sesanchez » Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:57 am

Is an issue with XP. Do a search and you will find several threads on this
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