XP11.25 crashes during launching VR process

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XP11.25 crashes during launching VR process

Postby kariyann » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:22 am

I've installed yesterday FlyInside in order to test if it was working with my XP11.25 Steam, in order to buy it.
Unfortunately, every time I launched XP11 using FlyInside, it crashed during lauching VR process.
So I deleted FlyInside and XP11 succeeded in lauching.
I serached in this forum if anybody get the same issue but without success.
Could someone help me ?

Which version of FlyInside XP do you use : 1.94 Vive used with ACER AH101 WMR
Which version of X-Plane do you use : XP11.25 Steam
What X-Plane plugins do you use : FlyWithLUA and Handshake
Do you use the plugin "FlyWithLua" : Yes but removed, Handshake too
Please upload the log file which FlyInside générâtes : This file is empty (0Ko)
Are your drivers up to date? Especially the GFX drivers : Up to date
Are you running our software on a laptop : Gaming Laptop ASUS ROG G502VM
Is your HMD plugged directly into the HDMI-port of the accelerated GFX-card: Yes
CPU Intel i7 6700HQ - GPU GTX 1060 - RAM 16gb DDR4 - Drive 128GB SSD OS Win 10 x64 - HDD Seagate 1To Simulator X-Plane v11.25 Steam - ACER AH101 WMR - LeapMotion - Thrusmaster TWCS and FlightStick X
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Re: XP11.25 crashes during launching VR process

Postby Tony » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:15 am

Could be their latest update broke Flyinside. So I'll test later.
Tony F
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