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Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:05 pm
by raylemus
Hey guys,

Can't get X Plane 11.26 to work after a fresh reinstall. I'm getting the following error:

Hooks/OpenGL/OGLCallbacks_Shared.cpp: Line 660

Attached is the crash log. I'm running Windows 10 64, i7 7700k, 32 Gigs of RAM, RTX 2080Ti, Flyinside 1.96. Latest drivers. Thanks for the help.

Ray Lemus

Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:00 pm
by raylemus
Really? This post has been here for several days, and no replies on a possible solution? Well, this place is a lot of help! :D
Come on Flyinside peeps! Can we please take a look at this and offer some possible solutions? Please? Pretty please?!


Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:52 am
by Goromo
I have exactly the same problem, cant even start XP with flyinside.
I also have problems with Flyinside for P3D and have posted asking for advice in that forum. I have had no response, tbh there are so many unanswered requests for support that I have lost all faith in the Flyinside product/team. For me Flyinside has been a complete waste of money.

My only advice to you would be to ditch the Flyinside product, and try the native VR together with 3jfps set to run XP at 45 fps together with Oculus tray tool and setting the ASW to 45, at least it works and so far I have had not one CTD.

hope this helps in some way.


Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:09 pm
by Tony
Sorry mate, we been on hols/vacation, I'll get Dan to take a look :oops:

Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:55 pm
by raylemus
Well, at least is nice to know I’m not the only one! ;) I’m just back to Track IR. That’s been my solution. Hey G, do you get a Steam VR window popping up as well? I’m getting that.


Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:00 am
by FlyBoyWilly78
I'm encountering the same problem! Looks like no answer from the moderators in almost two months. Must be busy with their own simulator??!! Would be nice to get support.

Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:50 pm
by Ove12
Same problem here- but doesn't seems no one will help ?


Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:34 pm
by Tony
We have some bad news guys, from Dan =

It is with regret that we announce the discontinuation of FlyInside XP.  It's been over two years since we first launched our plugin for X-Plane, bringing X-Plane 10, and then X-Plane 11 into virtual reality, opening up a whole new world for flight-simmers.  Although we've worked hard to support many engine updates over this time, as of X-Plane 11.30 we are no longer able to provide our own VR integration.

From a technical stand-point, X-Plane has closed off their shaders.  Without shader source code shipping with the simulator, there's just no way for us to properly inject VR.  We spent a lot of time working on a solution, in an attempt to achieve 11.30+ compatibility, but over the last week we've determined that it simply isn't possible to make this work reliably.

We're researching the possibility of turning "FlyInside XP" into a lighter layer which sits atop native VR while providing virtual window imports, Leap Motion hands, and some of our other features.  It's largely unknown how this will work though, or how long it could take, so in the mean-time we're discontinuing sales of FlyInside XP.  Anyone who ordered in the last month (December 25th 2018 or later) may contact  We're offering either a full refund or a transition to any other FlyInside product of your choice, including FlyInside Flight Simulator.

Technical Details:
As part of their transition to Vulkan, X-Plane now ships shaders as precompiled "SPIR-V" byte-code.  A large portion of FlyInside's rendering interception works by rewriting shaders on the fly.  We invested a huge amount of time in creating a "shader decompile -> edit -> recompile" system, but over the last week it's become clear that it simply isn't a feasible approach.

Re: Fatal Error Encountered (W:0)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:31 pm
by kasch
Good evening,

Oh , that is really sad news :( :o . Anyway, I want to thank you guys very much for the joy and pleasure I had in VR since the release of FlyInside. I hope, maybe in the future, there will be a way to jump in again...who knows.

thanks a lot,