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Re: Issue with shaders

Postby Schullebernd » Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:28 pm

I already flew with the JD A320 while waiting for XP 11.30 compatibility. But Tony has brought us a sad message now ( ... =44&t=7191) that really disappoints me.
Sorry, flyinside, it's not your fault, but this is exactly what makes me crazy in the flight sim world since the beginning. At no time a software is kind of stable or final and everytime there are problems with updates and waiting for addons who also has to be updates. Laminar should take care a little bit more of their partners. They are the ones who make X-Plane really successfull. And hounestly there are not too much add-on-supplier out there, making it not possible to release informations long before the next release will stop the functions of felt more than 50% of the add-ons. And again, flyinside, it's not your fault.
But, Ok, next round, waiting for FF A320 native VR compatibility...
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