P3d v4

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P3d v4

Postby stewart » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:19 am

Wow im not shore if p3dv4 has been upgraded but today i decided to give the in game v/r another go as the past have been really really bad and flyinside does not work this any mod shaders. I loaded up the sim and went to my main profile witch have every thing set to ultra and traffic at 50% game was good 30-40fps no probs so after a bit i put it in v/r mode thinking there is no way in hell its going to run smooth with all the add on and set at max on everything. Jump in and to my surprise it was butter smooth i was what the hell so i played a good 1 hour in it and not one problem. Guess its my new v/r flying sim now with the built in v/r. Downside is it does not let you bring in windows BUT ill take that as i can use my mod shaders and boy is it good.
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