The dreamliner from qualitywings. Great plane but...

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The dreamliner from qualitywings. Great plane but...

Postby Sinver » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:39 pm

Once gain FlyInside let you down!

Your product is fantastic, your support is shockingly awful.

I cannot grab the yoke using Oculus. I cannot press half the buttons. You STILL have not fixed the slider in even numbers issue.

I refer to the QualityWings 787 bundle. And before you say "Tell them about it", they are equally useless. Seems once you got our money you don't care.

Note from Admin: We almost never do this, but I've heavily edited this post (removed sections) and locked this thread. See my response/reasoning below.
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Re: The dreamliner from qualitywings. Great plane but...

Postby Tony » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:26 pm

Wow ok. The main point is 3rd party aircraft need to be optimised for VR. That is their job ( if they decide too) of the addon developer. As for Flyinside, well to get certain knobs, buttons and other parts working then Dan, out of his own pocket, has to buy each addon to try to get them working with the correct contact points. As you know, addons are becoming increasingly expensive and this cannot be done all the time. Hope you understand?
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Re: The dreamliner from qualitywings. Great plane but...

Postby admin » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:55 pm

So first off, I've locked the topic. Unlike a lot of flightsim product support message boards we believe in openness and transparency. We allow users to criticize our products, we don't silently delete negative posts nor ban users for having complaints. We have one very simple rule: "No swearing/hate speech/attacks on other members. I may edit your posts, delete your posts, or ban you.".

Sinver, this contained swearing, and personalized attacks. Consider this your one warning, if your future posts are like this you will be the first user we've ever banned for misconduct (not counting spam bots). That should tell you something about your attitude. Constructive criticism is welcome, but we expect forum members to be mature and act like adults.

We're not a greedy company and I don't know where you get that idea. We offer a fully functional free trial, free updates, and reasonable prices. Although we support several, we can't always support every single yoke control scheme that different aircraft developers come up with. Maybe give us a little credit, and don't wish death on us for a third-party incompatibility.
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