need help leap motion only in active window

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need help leap motion only in active window

Postby cluster » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:37 am

i am using fi version 1.92 because beond wont start (see other post) using leap control is working fine aslong the window of fsx is active (selected) if i import another window like (gps) or extern (plan g) the new window becoms active and leap motion hands wont work.
i am using leap motion 4.0.0 and there is no menu item to select background apps, in leap motion 2.3.1 there is but if i install this hansd do appear at al.
because i am using a rig (dof6) it is not easy to select the fsx window al te time and asking therfore a sultion.
enclosed a small film of my rig
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