Do you anticipate significant ongoing dev for FI FSX?

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Do you anticipate significant ongoing dev for FI FSX?

Postby burndawgz » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:20 pm

I'm considering buying the full version of FI FSX, but wondered how committed FI is to developing for FSX going forward, now that your flagship FFS is aloft. It appears your last "news-worthy" FI FXS update (1.81) was summer 2017, though I realize there have been incremental updates in 2018 leading to v1.96.

I purchased FFS early on and have been enjoying it's early functionality and fairly frequent updates. Obviously it's new and an ongoing work in progress, so I'll patiently look forward to improvements and exponential growth of the sim.

I've also downloaded the trial FSX version of FI, but am finding interactions with the in-cockpit control panels (via my Touch controllers) leaves a lot to be desired. If I license the full FI FSX, can I expect significant improvements with Touch and the FSX flight controls (for the aircraft you already support, say the C172) going forward, or does your current 1.96 version represent something close to the high water mark in this regard?

FYI, I purchased the Rift CV1 two years ago primarily because I found the idea of flight simming in a virtual environment so intriguing. Prior to this, I had no flight sim experience, VR experience, nor was I a gamer. I geared up on all, just so I could fly in VR. Exciting times! Please advise, and thanks for all you do.

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Re: Do you anticipate significant ongoing dev for FI FSX?

Postby fenflame » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:24 pm

While I can't speak for what Dan is or isn't working on, but I think in general every since P3DV4 was released it started to pull away from FSX in rather large strides. However at V4.5 I still don't think the quality of native VR is as good as FI in V4.4, but I can say for sure that at 4.4 its superior to FI in FSX at this point. If I was in his shoes and with the native FI Flight Sim moving forward quickly I wouldn't be prioritizing any further work on FSX, but again I can't speak for him. He recently stopped supporting further development of FI for XP.
This all assumes you are a user that uses your sim within the boundaries of the P3D license. Basically you use it seriously and not as a 'game'.
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