FSDT (Couatl) Software Conflict

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FSDT (Couatl) Software Conflict

Postby markch » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:05 am

Hi All!

I am experiencing issues with all FSDT sceneries when running FlyInside with any aircraft.

Every time I am trying to load at any of the airports that are using Couatl Scripting Engine for FSX ( when using FlyInside only) I am getting messages saying that Couatl encountered an unrecoverable error and will be restarted needs to be updated ( updated add on manager and engine many times)

Here is the link to the FSDT forum I found on suggesting the fix:


Here is the Virtuali (fsdt software developers) suggestion of the fix from forum above:

Basically problem is related to the way Flyinside software works.

"It launches FSX itself, and the first time it started, it creates the fsx_flyinside.cfg, which is *derived* from the FSX.CFG which was valid at that time and, since it starts FSX itself, the sim will use the fsx_flyinside.cfg, which is the name of the main .exe process.

In any case, I can see issues if any of your addons makes changes to the FSX.CFG *after* you installed FlyInside, which in this case would prevent it from working, like adding its own Simobjects paths, which is something many addons do ( SODE, UT2, GSX, etc. ).

A proper way to handle this, would by that FlyInside should compare the last modification date of the "real" FSX.CFG against its own and, if the FSX.CFG it's newer, rebuild the fsx_flyinside.cfg file again, taking the new settings from the FSX.CFG and apply its own changes."

Can we expect anyone at FlyInside to implement this fix anytime soon please?

Latest FlyInside version.
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Very Best Regards

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Re: FSDT (Couatl) Software Conflict

Postby sdkellner » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:29 am

I have exactly the same problem.

Has this been addressed, and if not, will it be? Otherwise it looks like the only option is to reinstall FlyInside after each FSDreamTeam (and maybe other providers) installation or update.


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Re: FSDT (Couatl) Software Conflict

Postby Tony » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:18 am

I think this was looked at but the programs were incompatible.....I'll double check for you.
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