Fatal Error Input\DepthBufferMouseIntersectable.cpp:line 116

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Fatal Error Input\DepthBufferMouseIntersectable.cpp:line 116

Postby Sylas » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:19 am

FlyInsideCrash2.png (159.08 KiB) Viewed 1339 times
Hey I got this messing around after landing in PHNL on Megascenery Hawaii and a Carenado V35b. I was in external view basically trying to get a better look at my plane, and I had accidentally right clicked, and the menu popped up on my monitor, and then BAM! Hey man, I was also listening to an 80s station on Pandora, and the error was sapping so much of my CPU that it sounded like a horrible dance remix or something..just skipping, skipping ,then it killed Pandora. My whole system felt like it took a bong hit of angel dust or something, so I took a snapshot of my HWinfo sensors, and just as I suspected...my computer DID take a bong hit when I wasn't looking.

Win7 X64 SP1, Intel i5 3570K@4500Mhz, AsRock Extreme 4 Z77, 16GB ADATA 2400 DDR3, MSI GTX670 PE 2GB X2 in SLI, (but Single GPU set in Nvidia CP for FSX), Brand new install on 240GB Crucial SSD of ancient FSX version from 2 DVDs and Acceleration on a separate DVD...probably original standard edition. After all was installed, I had pretty high Autogen and traffic settings, and hitting over 100FPS w/o the rift. After installing Flyinside and put on the Rift, it was a juddery mess, so I downgraded from Oculus runtime to 0.6.0. It still wasn't up to par after that, so I tried a few various .cfg tweaks; Texture_Bandwidth_Mult=80 made it worse for me.. HiMemFix=1 saw no improvement visually, but apparently it's needed anyway. Didn't want to do the bufferpools, or Fiber Frame tweaks, but the most effective tweak for me in the past 8 years, has always been [Jobscheduler] AffinityMask=14 (I have a quad core). I dialed down air traffic to 15% with all cars, ships and boats completely off, weather to medium change with full cloud cover. Autogen to dense and scenery complexity to extremely dense, and then I was hitting 55-75FPS over Reno. Oh! another thing I did was install the free for everybody "enhanced Autogen" that Gex put out a while ago. I did so many things at once, but I know that Autogen makes things nicer and faster from default. After having two good runs, I installed some small sceneries like Fly Tampa Hong Kong, and St. Maarten, and Megascenery Hawaii. Installed a few Carenado planes, and all was good. Then installed Orbx Global 1.30 and the latest libraries, flew around Hawaii with smooth frames and no problems... It was after landing and screwing around in the parking lot when things went sour. Hey sorry for the long winded message, but I just graduated college and don't have a job interview until next week...I'm totally light on cash now and can't buy into the Kickstarter yet, so I'm trying to give as much information as possible to help the cause. If anybody needs, I can upload my fsx.cfg, but I'll have to rename it to something that the system allows.
Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1, Intel i5 3570K@4500Mhz, AsRock Z77 Extreme4, 16GB ADATA DDR3 2400, MSI GTX 670PE X 2 SLI (FSX single GPU) Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium, OCZ 256GB Vertex 4, Crucial 240GB M500, WD 3TB Green, Saitek X52, Oculus Rift DK2
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