tips for control

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tips for control

Postby silencedk » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:26 pm

Thought I will share some quick tips for easy control until leap motion is done :)

I can HIGHLY recomend Xpadder from for controlling your aircraft when you are in the rift. Xpadder can multiply your number of buttons many time using different modes.. ie you can program all your buttons for controlling stuff on the ground. Shift mode and then use all your buttons again for operations in the air, another mode for controlling auto pilot functions, radio functions etc.. VERY usefull if you dont like to remove the rift all the time to acces the keyboard.
This tutorial shows briefly how to set it up (not in FSX) but the principal.

You can even program a trigger on your yoke to "press left mouse button", that way, all you have to do is look at a button (with mouse pointer turned on), and click the trigger on your yoke, and not even stretch for your mouse anymore.

Another great way is voice attack. Voice attack uses speach recognigtion. Requires som setup and receognition before it runs, but once it runs it can work like a charm. It's almost like having a co.pilot and you just tell him what to do and then he does it for you.
warning: that might take the fun out of flying though :)
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