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The game window freezing

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:24 pm
by mattyb21
Hi guys,

Been smashing out the flights flat out, been really awesome. Seem to be running into a bug where the game window will freeze if anything comes up on it. Take for example, if I am in multiplayer and someone joins - causing the green bar to say someone has joined up the top. The game will freeze. Pretty much anything that tries to use a window, it will cause the fsx window on the monitor to be unusable. Although everything still works fine inside the rift - so it's not a huge issue.

Just haven't seen this bug on the forum anywhere so correct me if I'm wrong. Going to post my specs in here until I get it into my signature.

Windows 7
Nvidia Titan X - fully updated
CPU i7-3970X
FSX Steam edition - fully updated (but not on the beta)