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Pan-View stuttering with only certain regions?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:43 am
by theskyisthelimit99
I have the oculus rift + 1080 FTW (and also tested this on my 980ti)..

I cant crack this one.. i even took a clean install of p3d and tested it with nothing installed but bare bones + flyinside (I didnt uninstall flyinside, just reinstalled it and tested).

I test at 3840.. and also at lower supersample resolutions.. i have tried different monitor fps values like 30,60, unlimited etc..

I leave everything at the medium defaults on graphic quality just to be on the safe side.

Case examples..

KORS.. in say the bonanza v36.. on the ground and moving on the ground I can look around no issues.. smooth as butter.. get in the air above the water and the problems start.. pan left and right with the head tracking and it hiccups..
Load the default p3d flight in the jet.. in VA.. same type of thing though not as bad.

Other tests like a flight near NYC or in western PA with full on rain and clouds.. no issues.. so it seems to be region/flight dependent perhaps.. cant quite put my finger on it.

Has anyone else noticed this/ran into and fixed it? Side note, I got a ZERO performance increase from switching from the 980ti SC+ to the 1080 ftw, at least not in P3D or p3D VR.

Thanks in advance

edit: I decided to go further down in resolution in the super sampling in flyinside.. all the way back down to 2368x1464.. in the scenarios that had view panning stuttering, now its smooth, but of course more grainy.