GPS & Leapmotion Problems

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GPS & Leapmotion Problems

Postby tlapointe » Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:02 pm

First, kudos on developing one of the most immersive flight Sim experiences I've ever run across. I'm also a general aviation pilot and fly inside re-creates an environment which is nearly identical in terms of the dimensions and flight characteristics to real flying. It's very cool. I'm using fly inside primarily for FSX steam addition with an add-on pay plane by a2a simulations the 172. I added Mindstar's 430/530 Garmin GPS.

I have two issues:

1. Leap motion: appears to be completely unusable at least for me. I follow the instructions, I calibrated it accordingly I believe I've set it up correctly however it only works very intermittently. You can put your hands on something it will highlight but there's no way to grab or twist knobs or do anything with switches. So I unplugged it went back to the mouse which was somewhat better. Is there any way to make this leap motion device more functional? are there some specific motions that I need to learn to trigger the results I want?

2. GPS: this is partly a problem with all the SIM GPS units with twistable knobs – it's nearly impossible to dial in the airport you're looking to go. The knobs in real life are ill-conceived and - the Sims have never been good at translating functionally. h With leap motion inside the virtual cockpit (in using FSX in the non-oculus mode) it's impossible to adjust these knobs which have multiple layers and functions. The creators of this particular GPS recognized that and built-in a mechanism whereby you can type your airport codes using the keyboard instead of twisting the knobs - after clicking the center of the knob which is generally the cursor command. However when I'm in fly inside anytime I hit keys the screens go all over the place - it seems like perhaps these keys might be already pre-coded the something I don't know. Is there any way to utilize the keyboard for the purposes of entering airport codes like: kcdw,khpn, khvm, rpll into the GPS database for flight planning purposes? Without it it makes it difficult to utilize this is as a cross country flight training tool - which is the reason I'm using it. Thanks for your help
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