A2A 182 GTN 750 issue

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A2A 182 GTN 750 issue

Postby KJL473 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:26 pm

I am installing F1 GTN 750 (v1.20) onto my A2A aircraft (accusim 1-1-17 update). After following the instructions and using the A/C config program on each a2a a/c I noted that while it worked fine for the Comanche, it did not install correctly on the a2a 182. I indecently discovered that just running FSX-SE without flyinside results in the GTN 750 showing up in the correct location. It is only when I load FSX-SE via flyinside does it not show up and it loads the default no GPS cockpit. I have tried reinstalling fly inside and the A2A 182 with the same result. Any ideas as to why it installs on the FSX-SE a2a 182 but not the flyinside FSX-SE a2a 182?
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