Crash occurs using A2A Simulations - L-049 Constellation

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Crash occurs using A2A Simulations - L-049 Constellation

Postby Haw-Boo » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:29 pm


I have spent a little time this evening using "A2A Simulations - L-049 Constellation", and noticed FlyInside crashes with this aircraft. The crash seems to occur with A2A's pop-up window system, and also when resetting the aircraft's career data. After the crash, the pop-windows in Flyinside appear as blank with the usual boarders around them. My only option is to exit FSX-SE, where I see a FlyInside crash message window on screen in the background.

I have other A2A aircraft (C182, Spitfire, Mustang), and have tested these which appear to work fine in these areas.

I have uploaded everything from the FlyInside log files location for your review, last entry reads:

5234.3 Utils\Asserts.cpp 70 FlyInside Fatal Error Encountered (-2147024809, 0)
DesktopCapture\CaptureSource.cpp: Line 262
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- PC Spec: i7-6700k (4.6), GTX980Ti (SC+), Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, 16GB Ram, SB ZXR, Win10 64-bit
- FLYINSIDE_FSX_PRO_1.71_OVR_1300.exe
- Oculus Rift CV1

At present, the only option is to let things crash out, then restart FlyInside. As expected, everything comes back as normal.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide or help with.


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