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Flickering with Air Hauler 2 Check ride prompts

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:06 pm
by HighwaymanEd
Hey guys,

I've been flying around in FlyInside for quite a while now and really enjoy it, recently however I've run into an issue when the Air Hauler 2 addon sends me a message that appears on screen.

Prior to the message, everything runs well, but as soon as it sends me the on screen message to perform my first check ride item, I get a black screen for a single frame about every second until FSX is shut down whether the message window is open or not. It only happens on the check rides, so it's not a common thing, but would anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Flickering with Air Hauler 2 Check ride prompts

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:25 pm
by Tony
Can you see the window open on your 2D monitor, Painful i know, But can you interact with it there ok?

Re: Flickering with Air Hauler 2 Check ride prompts

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 6:44 pm
by flightsimmer
Hi, I just bought FlyInside FSX this week and the flickering with Air Hauler 2 still exists. I have run out of ideas trying to solve the flickering and will have to stop playing Air Hauler 2 for now with FlyInside. It's not playable while the flickering happens as it is nausea-inducing. In the meantime I'll try to ask the developer to try and disable the pop-up window from showing.

Here's a breakdown of what's going on:
1. I open FSX: Acceleration through FlyInside FSX.exe and set up a flight, click 'fly now' to load the flight
2. Open up Air Hauler 2, I set up a cargo/pax flight or mission and the parameters of the aircraft in network mode until I see the 'Click OK when flight is ready' window
3. Once FSX is loaded I see my aircraft loaded in VR and everything works perfectly in my Oculus Rift. No flickering, getting a smooth and clear image.
4. Click 'OK' on Air Hauler 2 and it connects to FSX. A pop-up window from AH2 shows up, similar to the ATC window, and the flickering begins with a black screen every second. The window can say anything like Type Rating Check Ride info or In-Flight Menu, but the flickering still happens.

-The Pop-up window looks like the ATC window, and also shows up on the left side of my monitor like the ATC window.
-Closing the window in FSX does not stop the flickering. I can interact with the window just fine.
- When connecting AH2 with FSX with just a 'self-flight' (no job loaded), no windows pop up and thus the flickering does not happen.
-Ending the flight on AH2 stops the connection with FSX, and as a result the flickering stops as well.
-As I understand AH2 connects to FSX through SimConnect, using their network mode option.

Crossing my fingers this software is still supported as nothing else compares to VR. Looking outside while flying is just unbelievable, and AH2 makes it that much more fun. Please help solve this! Thanks.