Desktop Composition and Aero switching off uncontrollably

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Desktop Composition and Aero switching off uncontrollably

Postby jcas0024 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:14 am

Hi All,

I've been trying to get FSX to work in VR with the Flyinside demo - using the PS4 VR as I do not have a Vive / Oculus. This means I am using Trinus VR to emulate the Vive. My graphics card was not VR ready (as per a Steam performance test) so I changed it to a GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 3072MB GDDR5. I am using Windows 7, have FSX Acceleration with Service Pack 2 and 10GB of RAM, quad core 3.5GHz CPU.

Whenever I run SteamVR with the PS4 VR connected it automatically switches off Desktop Composition (I don't know if its Windows 7 that is doing this or SteamVR), the option of selecting Desktop Composition (under custom - visual performance) also disappears. From what I've read on other forums - windows 7 disables aero on multiple displays with extended desktop setting. I also read something about SteamVR disabling aero because of a 60Hz setting but I did not really understand.

This leads to Flyinside bringing up the following error message and not running at all:

"FlyInside requires Desktop Composition (Aero) in order to run. Please enable Desktop Composition and try again. Aero requires an Aero-compatible theme to activate."

Needless to say I do have an aero theme selected, i tried troubleshooting the aero from the personalise desktop window, tried changing settings in services.msc and in registry but nothing worked - there is no stopping Windows 7 or Steam from disabling Desktop Composition whenever SteamVR runs.

Is there anything I can do to get around this. Is it a windows thing? does upgrading to Windows 8 help?
Does it have anything to do with me trying to use the PS4 VR instead of the Vive ?
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Re: Desktop Composition and Aero switching off uncontrollabl

Postby Tony » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:16 pm

Good question, does your psvr need steam open ? Or does it open automatically ? 8.1 may work as may win10 but I'd hate to say try and you put all that effort in for nothing. Flyinside will look to ensure the vive is plugged into the GPU correctly. I've never tried with PSVR so cannot really help :(
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Re: Desktop Composition and Aero switching off uncontrollabl

Postby jcas0024 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:12 am

Hi Tony, I had some time yesterday to use an extra SSD for a Windows 8 installation, installed FSX Acceleration, Trinus and Flyinside and the PSVR worked :D. The quality of the VR environment is amazing, I'll be getting the full version of Flyinside and the Trinus emulator now. To answer your question, the PSVR needs Steam VR to be running the sequence goes as follows (for anyone looking to do the same thing as I did):
1. Ensure Resolution of monitor is at 1920x1080
2. Connect PSVR and switch on (usb and HDMI to PC)
3. Run Trinus and start the emulator, PSVR is detected as another monitor set as extended desktop display 2 (left or right of monitor - display 1)
4. Run Steam VR
5. Send the Steam VR to display 2 (windows button + shift + left arrow (if display 2 is left of display 1) / right arrow (if display 2 is left of display 1)
6. Run Flyinside (it seems to first have to detect the graphics card, you confirm the detection and have to restart it again for it to run FSX Acceleration).
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