Newbe FSX start up

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Newbe FSX start up

Postby terrarouge » Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:40 pm

Hello all. Just installed the Flyinside and did what the instructions asked then got into the cockpit but once I touched a control with my Occulus touch controllers I got kicked out of the FSX window and was in my Occulus home environment place. There was a tab in there to start FSX in that environment but when I selected it it said there was another version of FSX running. I had to stop the 1st FSX and started it again...well it does that all the time...I have a GTX 1080 ,brand new computer with i7 7700 and the Rift seems to be working fine. I did notice there is a BETA there on the home but I don't believe I am running that. I have FSX Acceleration running. What am I doing wrong. I also notice that the resolution isn't the best but other than being kicked out when I start to interact with the cockpit via my touch seems to work but I can't stay in it. Please help and thank you for any future help...Dave
PS...Tried again and everything seems ok...Never been at the time limit of 15 minutes but other than the touch controllers grabbing the yoke when I do anything inside the cockpit the game is frozen and I am in Occulus environment...

i7-7700 Asus GTX 1080 Turbo 8Gb GDDR5 16 Gb Ram
Intel i7 7700 H110 board GTX1080 Turbo 8Gb GGDR 16 Gb ram DDR4 Win10 FSX Acceleration Pack
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