FSX SE only starts as FlyInside

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FSX SE only starts as FlyInside

Postby HeloNotHelo » Sun May 12, 2019 1:28 am

Sometimes I need to use the desktop version of FSX SE for instrument training purposes and since I updated to FlyInside 1.96, I can't start FSX without it forcing FlyInside to start up. Even when I click directly on fsx.exe in the program folder, it still forces SteamVR open and boots FlyInside. Even clicking "Play" in the Steam client causes FlyInside to start. I have turned off the SteamVR setting to start automatically when a VR application is selected.

There isn't a better, more immersive thing out there and I gotta say this software has saved my patootie a few times with clearhood training. So thank you for that. However, given the resolution limitations of the Vive, instrument flying is not quite there yet in VR and I do require a non-VR instance of FSX. Also, FlyInside instantly crashes on pressing the key to reset the headset view position when UTLive (an AI traffic utility) is running.

Couple of things there, but my priority is being allowed to boot FSX SE without forcing FlyInside. Ideas?

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