SSG 747-8 Intercontinental Advanced & Freighter

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SSG 747-8 Intercontinental Advanced & Freighter

Postby Greyman » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:24 pm

These two aircraft really are good fun to fly and having watched in awe, as a boy, from the Heathrow spectators' area, as mighty 747s defied gravity and took to the air it is fantastic to finally sit at the controls of a life-sized rendition. It flies well and most of the systems appear to have been modelled nicely.

BetterPushBack doesn't currently work with it however, unless you like your 747 to be converted into a high RPM merry-go-round, but i am hopeful that the two sets of developers will find a way to solve that. In the meantime, the built in pushback is pretty good, as it allows you to steer the aircraft yourself when you have selected the speed and direction of the tow.

When i first got it however, it was impossible to fly, with the mouse not wanting to get close enough to the controls to work, until quite by accident, i discovered that enabling the display clickspots in the XP settings solved the problem. Unlike other aircraft, enabling this option doesn't display a green square around all of the controls, it simply allows your mouse cursor to get close to them.
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