SSG E-Jets Evolution Series - E-170 and E-195

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SSG E-Jets Evolution Series - E-170 and E-195

Postby Greyman » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:30 pm

Has anyone given these a try. Since my near-miss with the SSG-747, where you have to set the display clickable zones option in xplane settings to even fly it in VR, i have been a little worried that i might not be so lucky with the other SSG aircraft.

The reviews and videos do look very good and the in-cockpit settings screen, a bit like the FF A320 EFB, would make it more immersive to fly in VR, as you won't need to either take your headset off or switch to SIM mode.

I would just like to know if these two aircraft actually work in VR and if they do, whether you would recommend them?
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