Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

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Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby crazymedic62 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:11 am

Hi all,

I thought I would post my experiences with the Samsung Odyssey and FlyInside. I know that when I was researching, there wasn't much in the way of information about the Odyssey and its performance in the flight sim world. So here is my general impression and stats.

First off, the Odyssey has been flawless for me. However, the setup was a little confusing at first. After you set up the Windows Mixed Reality headset on the system there are a few more steps you have to do to get flying. You have to have Steam VR and the Windows Mixed Reality plugin for Steam VR for any of this to work. This will enable FlyInside to get rolling. I primarily fly in Prepar3d v4.2. I tried the native VR in Prepar3d, however it just isn't quite as functional, stable, or as nice as FlyInside. All the features that FlyInside gives you in the sim just can't be beat. (Side note: I am a Chaseplane user, and to get the VR to work and load properly I had to uninstall Chaseplane to default back to the standard cockpit views the headset needs to load up properly.)

My impression of the Samsung Odyssey is solid. It is well built. Comfortable to wear. Has great visuals. Good sound. And is very stable in flight simulator. Now to bring it into perspective. Is it better than Rift or Vive? Yes. Is there a better deal for the money? No. I paid $399 for the complete package. I have the same resolution as the upcoming Vive Pro (which incidentally was just announced at $799.00 for pre-order which is double the cost!) and you can get it now.It has better clarity and visuals, although not perfect. You still have to lean in to read some text and guages or use the zoom function. The screen door effect is minimal. There is God rays, but again only against dark backgrounds with bright text or lighting effects, for me not a big deal. The inside out tracking is fantastic for flight sim and I have had no issues. I get a smooth experience when flying and great immersion. I have used it for about 2 weeks now and am very satisfied with my purchase. The controls are good and function well and they do work in the sim. However, I prefer to use the mouse as its just easier in my personal opinion due to the fact that I bang the controllers on stuff when I flight sim. As far as performance, I am also very pleased. It really works well and is pretty much plug and play without a lot of hassle, especially with FlyInside. Performance will vary I am certain based on your hardware, so here is a list of mine for comparison:

Intel i7-8700 6-core processor
Gigabyte AORUS Ultra Gaming Z370 Motherboard
G.Skill 16GB 3200 DDR4 RAM
Samsung 860EVO SSD

As far as addon functionality I have flown using the following planes, scenery, and utilities:
Aersoft CRJ 700/900
Captain Sim 757 III
Leonardo Maddog X MD80
REX Skyforce 3D
ORBX Global, Vector, Open LC NA, PNW

Again, I have had no issues with any of these addons in VR with FlyInside. Performance varies for me from about 25-30FPS on the ground to upwards of 50-70FPS in the sky. Again varies with what addons you use, but the overall impresssion is satisfying to me.
In closing, I don't think you can go wrong here, it is a solid headset, with far better specs than the older generation for almost the same price. I recommend it strongly. Hope this helps give some insight!
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby Tony » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:53 pm

Great post and many many thanks for the time to let us know your views on the headset.....I was holding off on the purchase of one but you may have just swayed me ;)
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby SkyMan » Fri May 04, 2018 3:19 am

I second that crazymedic62, I am about to get the Odyssey and I was hesitant not knowing how it will work with Flyinside and the experience as a whole. Listing your specs and FPS is really reassuring, I am planning a long awaited upgrade and have done a ton of research. I am wondering whether you have your CPU and/or GPU overclocked?

Thanks again,
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby Robert » Fri May 04, 2018 9:37 am

@crazymedic62, since you are running the Odyssey with P3D 4.2 and FlyInside, have you tried the native VR support and do you see the difference in VR resolution between FlyInside and native?
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby Markeebo » Wed May 09, 2018 9:44 am

Thanks for the info. I just purchased the Odyssey last week and haven't yet tried it in P3Dv4.

I SWEAR that I read somewhere here that FI doesn't support the native res in the Samsung. Can you confirm that it does indeed support it? It was a few months ago I think and was not yet interested in the Odyssey, so I just blew right through the post. Now I'm wishing I had paid better attention.

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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby Tony » Thu May 10, 2018 11:48 am

Please pm markeebo got a question for you ;)
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby fenflame » Sun May 20, 2018 10:14 pm

I hate to be a downer , but here's my experience:

I bought tried out and returned the Samsung Odyssey today, all in one day.
Didn't like it at all I'm afraid. I really wanted to and actually packed it up and unpacked it twice to 'have another go' each time comcluding it was a backwards step for me. . WAY too heavy, it felt like I had a car parked on my head compared to the Rift, nose molding actually blocked my nose so I couldn't breath through it in the only position the screen was clear, headphones won't reach my ears and I don't have a large head/ damn uncomfortable all round. No way corrective lens can be used with it as the screens almost touch your eyes as it is, the resolution increase is not really that noticeable, head tracking not as good at Rift (but not needing the tracking device is good), controllers are clumsy and don't track well. Despite some reviews stating the opposite, I felt the screen door effect was worse than the rift. The only positives I can say are it is built better than the rift and adjustments methods are far superior to the rift, the FOV seemed a little bigger, but the edges do suffer an annoying distortion and the colors are quite a bit more vibrant. Overall disappointed and the negatives , especially the comfort factor kind of kill any positives I found. The whole experience was just bloody uncomfortable.I realize some of this is in all seriousness is really based on the shape and size of your head as amusing as that is, but I truly don't have an odd head as far as I'm wife put it on and despite complaining it felt really heavy, had no problems with the headphones or the nose molding.

On a performance point I saw a marked decrease in FPS in FI for similar resolutions settings when using the odyssey compared to the Rift. Maybe if I could deal with wearing it more than 5 mins, some of those points can be dealt with.

Again these are my findings and thoughts. No settings in the world could make it comfortable on my head so even if some of the performance issues could be tweaked out, it still going to be a bad fit for me......pardon the pun.

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Re: Samsung Odyssey Review with FlyInside

Postby Gibster » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:37 pm

I am new to VR and have purchased a Samsung Odyssey and Flyinside. I currently use Prepar3d V3. Using the HMD, I find the display to be quite coarse with the "screen door" effect. Items in the distance are fuzzy.

What are the recommended settings in Prepar3d, Flyinside, and SteamVR? I hope you can help since your review seems to indicate that the visuals are great.

I am a pilot and I love the VR feel of being in the cockpit and I want to experience the best simulation I can get.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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