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Are we actually talking about Mixed Reality here?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:08 pm
by BaobobMiller
My question to the developers and the ppl already using flyinside with Mixed reality gear is are we actually talking about mixed reality or are we just talking about disabling the cameras on the headset and using it like a vr headset?

My hope is the former. what I would like is the ability to actuaslly see the switch panels and throttle quadrant etc. that exist in the real world but have the fsx world super imposed in all the leftover space even if I have to use green paint (green screen) to indicate where the fsx world is allowed to show up.

especially since the whole thing seems to still be so dependent on real world kbd shortcuts... I have spent years maintaining that a cockpit is no place for a keyboard and mouse. Bit if it can be set up in such a way that I can still see my real world rotary encoders, switches, radio panel... Then it is definitely worth it to me to look into using something like the Odessy since I'm in the midst of rebuilding my cockpit anyway. I have tried to use my rift with Flyinside but the vr cockpit interaction is way to slow for realtime flight in my opinion, and since I can't see any real world stuff there is a LOT of on, off, on, off, reach, stretch, and poke at the kbd, leading to "hell with it I'll just go play MWO."

and by the way, ummm... rudder control? I guess I assumed that once I told FlyInside not to disable the thumbsticks that rudder would be on one of them. I get elevator and ailerons on the right thumb but the left one does nothing at all with both of them set not to be ignored in the Flyinside software.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info you can throw my way.


Re: Are we actually talking about Mixed Reality here?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:06 am
by crazymedic62
I have the Samsung Odyssey and use Flyinside. If I understand what you are asking correctly, the answer is no. When wearing the headset there is no way to see anything physically in front of you. It is my understanding that the Oculus has a small spot on the bottom of the visor which allows you to see your desk and keyboard etc, but the Odyssey does not. The cameras on the front do not display anything. They are strictly for the hardware to track your head movement. Hope this helps. I have had to train my hands to find my mouse, joystick, etc. It gets easier with practice!

Re: Are we actually talking about Mixed Reality here?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:34 pm
by BaobobMiller
Ok... So it seems that there is not actually Mixed Reality support. Just partial support for headsets intended for Mixed Reality, and no one wants to address the complete lack of out of the box Rudder control even tho the left thumbstick is wide open and not used for anything else by default, and I have not found any way of assigning oculus controls to FSX functions even through FSUIPC. Is there perhaps something here I am missing? hmm...

That is rather disconcerting since so much of the rest of this software seems so well thought out... not to mention that in all this time not one developer or even PR rep has bothered even commenting on either of these issues... not even the moderator who approved the post initially. Personally I get worried a software company ignores the people who keep the lights on.