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FlyInside Flight Simulator Beta Branch -

Postby admin » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:00 pm

Hi All,

We've just deployed a new update to our beta branch (check out "opting into beta" instructions at bottom of post)! We've improved our initial flight school tutorial, and added a new scenario with an interactive 737 startup checklist! Be sure to try out both scenarios (we've made a lot of changes to Tutorial 1) and give us some feedback :)

General Changes Since (last beta branch):
  • Adds 737 startup checklist. Look for white spinning arrows on the ceiling to find the first switch. White spinning arrows mean you need to set the switch (per the checklist), a green circle means the switch is already in the correct position
  • Adds improved audio to Tutorial 1
  • Adds newer less obnoxious waypoint model
  • Improves Tutorial 1 flight-path. The pattern is a lot bit shorter, and the turns are easier to make.
  • Improves spinner positions

Changes since (last public release):
  • Adds "Intro to Flight" scenario (please test this!)
  • Adds VR keyboard which appears when you tap into a textbox in VR
  • Adds wind sound, several sound fixes
  • Fixes several issues with loading stutter
  • Greatly improves simulator startup speed
  • Improves speed of terrain loading. Not done yet, but it's harder to outpace the terrain loader when flying fast
  • Fixed several aircraft systems bugs
  • Sim no longer hangs when audio devices are unplugged
  • Helicopters are now properly affected by wind/gusts
  • Several fixes to Steam installation process
  • Adds internal night-lighting to all aircraft
  • Positional yoke now supports all settings/features that rotational yoke does (under Settings -> VR)
  • Default is now hold-trigger-to-hold-yoke, as we found "Tap on" / "Tap off" could be a little confusing for new users. Still easy to turn on from Settings -> VR :)
  • Some performance improvements
  • Some improvements to stutter during scenery loading
  • Fixes memory leak which occurs after opening moving map
  • Fixes CPU usage bug which occurred after opening and closing moving map
  • Fixes crashes caused by corrupt texture files
  • Yoke/collective are now grabbable via "Tap on" / "tap off". Hold your controller close to the yoke, press and release the trigger once. The yoke will stay highlighted and you can control it. Press and release trigger a second time to let go! You can change this to the hold behavior from "Settings -> VR" and unchecking "Use Tap-On/Tap-Off Yoke Hold"
  • You can now grab the yoke using a "grip" gesture. On Vive controllers press one of the grip buttons, on Oculus Touch squeeze both the trigger button and the grip button below it simultaneously. This will hold the yoke from the palm of the hand rather than the finger-tip.
  • Fixes MD530F collective grabbability
  • Adds a setting to turn off rudder control from vr yoke/collective grab. Settings -> VR -> VR Yoke Controls Rudder
  • Adds a setting to leave the yoke where it is when you let go, rather than snapping back to center (Settings ->VR -> Retain VR Yoke Position)
  • Adds sensitivity sliders for yoke control to Settings -> VR.
  • Hands are no longer blindingly bright at night
  • Tooltips/interaction bubble are now visible at night
  • Propeller and mixture levers now "multi-grabbable"
  • File -> Record Video now records to MP4, and you can include audio or menus to your videos
  • Engine sounds now go away when engines are shut off
  • Fixed friction bug, helicopters can now get "light on their skids"
  • Fixes turn-coordinator ball bug
  • Improves 717 VR interaction and switch coverage
  • Adds UDP socket capabilities to scripting. Contact me if you're interested
  • Fixes B55 Fuel Flow gauge
  • Adds SDK APIs to parse XML from strings, create strings from XML

Opting into beta
By default, the Updater will revert you to the latest public release! To opt into closed-beta updates (newest features, less stable):
1. Turn on Debugging Tools from "Help -> About -> Usage Options"
2. Open "Debugging Tools -> Debug Diagnostics"
3. Expand "Debug Options"
4. For "Updates URL" specify "" (the final slash is important)
5. Restart your sim
6. Use "Sim -> Check for Updates" - It should show a prompt for version currently

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Re: FlyInside Flight Simulator Beta Branch -

Postby frankturley » Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:08 pm

I seem to have updated to Version, but no topic started by admin so commenting here.

(a) I still crash into objects when starting (or failing to start) at Key West.
(b) In FlyInside for P3D, I could adjust my virtual seat by editing the Views section of the aircraft.cfg file. I can't find any way to do this in FSFS.
(c) Is there any news on the availability of further aircraft and scenery?
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Re: FlyInside Flight Simulator Beta Branch -

Postby elDaz2 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:14 pm

I think I’ve read in another thread that key west is not part of the scenery yet.
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Re: FlyInside Flight Simulator Beta Branch -

Postby admin » Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:15 pm

Hi Frank,

Sorry, just noticed that I missed your post here.
A) elDaz2 is correct, Key West is missing from our current scenery area
B) You can do the same thing in AirInfo.xml by editing the <EyePoint> values
C) We're very close to introducing a high-quality piston single :) We also have a very nice helicopter under development. We're working on a system to add high-fidelity cities/airports, but there's a lot of development to do on this, and it's taking quite some time.

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