2019 VR HMD Discussion

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Re: 2019 VR HMD Discussion

Postby Tony » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:44 am

I take it you are in a laptop ? If yes what model ?
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Re: 2019 VR HMD Discussion

Postby admin » Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:26 pm

Bonanza - are you saying your flightsim won't open at all? Even if FlyInside can't find your Rift S, your flightsim should still open normally. If not, sounds like it's crashing, shoot me an e-mail - dan@flyinside-fsx.com
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Re: 2019 VR HMD Discussion

Postby whitav8 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:08 pm

I have the V2 HP Reverb and it is the closest to viewing a HD (or HD+ ) monitor and the performance is good since I don't need much if any SuperSampling (I set it at 2160x2116). There was a lot of discussion about both physical sweet spot (how do I fit it on my head to see clearly - I have 64.5mm IPD ( fortunately) and then the gaze sweet spot (how clear is the display as I look to the edge of the field of view). For me, the physical sweet spot for seated VR is fine - I do have to push it around a little but maybe a little less than for the Odyssey+. The gaze sweet spot is the critical issue - how much can I see clearly so I can really read it before I have to move my whole head and re-center. My informal testing of both WWII fighters (IL-2), modern fighters (F18 - DCS and P3D and now T-38 FlyInside Flight Simulator ) and Q400 (Aerofly FS2 and now B717 FlyInside Flight Simulator) airliners is the following - I get approximately 50% of total field of view away from center that is remarkably clear - crisp numbers and text in general. If the gauges outside of that are needle pointers or caution lights, I can grasp what they are indicating ( as clear as the Odyssey+ straight on was ) without changing my head position - otherwise I do move my head. As one who has worn their eyeglasses since sixth grade, I naturally move my head to center my foveal vision (about +- 5 degrees) anyway so I can carefully discern the gauge value. The center scan for most aircraft (speed, altitude, vertical velocity, heading, and possible moving map ) is all clear without moving my head! I built flight sims for big companies in my career and I know what the EFIS displays look like - just like this. For the Q400 at the left seat eyepoint, I was impressed that I could even read the right seat PFD speed and altitude numbers. The EICAS in the center, the comm panels, and even the CDU flight management display is easily read WITHOUT leaning in.
The tracking for flight sim seat tracking seems fine - I can look down at the sides of a fighter cockpit. The only real negative I see is at night - not so much outside which looks mostly fine (especially lights ) - but the inside of some cockpits just need to have the dome light on - otherwise the sides of the cockpit look dark grey (washed out black )

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Re: 2019 VR HMD Discussion

Postby blueshark747 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:36 pm

lensmandave wrote:FlyInside is looking spectacular in the Rift S ! I've upgraded from the CV1 and the difference is significant. Everything is clearly readable in the cockpits at normal seated position with a modest amount of pixel density dialled in.
Since the last round of software and firmware updates over the weekend it looks like Oculus have sorted all of the bugs that some people were having.
It's a breeze to set up, takes about 3 minutes and really comfy to wear and accommodates glasses easily if you need to them.
It's got to be the 'best bang for the buck' of the current headsets :)

Had no idea FSX Flyinside worked for Index...good to know
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