Streaming Scenery is Amazing + 1 question

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Streaming Scenery is Amazing + 1 question

Postby scottharmes6 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:56 am

Great job with the scenery streaming that you guys have achieved. It was a pleasant and very unexpected surprise, and it is working very smoothly right out of the box for me. Just one question. Is it possible to increase the range of the scenery so it extends out to the horizon? Would this require too much data to be downloaded and injected? I love the scenery even as it is, but when at a moderate altitude (even above 2000 feet) in a jet when I first tried it out I could clearly see the square boundary where the streamed PR ground texture met the default scenery underneath. I was also easily able to outrun the scenery streaming when flying low and fast in the T-38. I suppose this is dependant on a users' internet, but is there a way to increase the amount and rate of the tiles being streamed?

BTW I have my terrain set to "Huge".

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