Leap motion with Oculus quest?

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Leap motion with Oculus quest?

Postby Flybynumbers » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:06 pm

Ok I understand it that leap motion works with oculus rift, which looks promising. Will it also work with Oculus quest?

Or if not...

Oculus quest is launching hand-tracking so basically you won't need your touch pads anymore...does that mean my hand gestures sans oculus touch controllers will work on flyinside?

(I would be playing flyinside on the oculus quest via the oculus link being released soon. It enables you to play all oculus rift PC VR games on your oculus quest)

Otherwise my only option would be to get an oculus rift s, along with leap motion. I would prefer not have to purchase an oculus rift since the oculus quest/link kind of makes it redundant.
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