Beta Branch Update - - Scenery Tools

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Beta Branch Update - - Scenery Tools

Postby MalcolmFI » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:24 pm

Hi all,

Today we have another update available on the beta branch! After the update, you should be on version

We are excited to introduce V1 of scenery tools! You can place objects, import custom models, and easily distribute the scenery you build. Once you save your scenery, you'll get a "Generate Area Pack" button. As long as the folder is writable, your pack will be created in Data/SceneryAreas inside the simulator folder. We're working on a full tutorial video for next week.

Improvements in
  • Adds Scenery Editor under "Location" menu
  • Improved 717 interactions
  • Updates Rotorway model with disk animations

Opting into Steam Beta:
1. Open Steam
2. Go to the "Library" section
3. Right click on "FlyInside Flight Simulator"
4. Select Properties
5. Go to the "betas" tab
6. From the "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" dropdown, select "beta"
7. Let Steam do its update thing!

Opting into the Website-Version Beta:
1. Turn on Debugging Tools from "Help -> About -> Usage Options"
2. Open "Debugging Tools -> Debug Diagnostics"
3. Expand "Debug Options"
4. For "Updates URL" specify "" (the final slash is important)
5. Restart your sim
6. Use "Sim -> Check for Updates" - It should show a prompt for version currently

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