737 Issues

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737 Issues

Postby scottharmes6 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:33 am


First of all let me say great job with the sim. I am really enjoying it. Performance in VR is superb, so that is the main draw for me.

I am using the latest update, via Steam (0.5.4) and tonight I just tried the 737 startup tutorial. This is excellent! A couple of things I noticed though:

When the tutorial ends it says go for a flight if you feel like it, and I often do after startup tutorials (in DCS World for example) but I could not move or close the checklist which was floating right in front of my face. I'm not sure if I was just missing something, but I couldn't grab it or move it with the mouse.

I actually went for flight anyway, and just looked around the checklist, but I am noticing a few things wrong with the 737. First there is something a bit off with the sound. You can hear the sound looping quite a bit, and it just doesn't sound very realistic to me. There is kind of a louder hum which builds up then goes quiet over and over and the looping nature of it is not ideal.

There are also some issues with the autopilot. The altitude functions don't seem to be working. Altitude hold and flight level change did not work. The altitude hold, flight level change and the vertical speed buttons did not light up. The vertical speed seems to directly adjust the pitch of the aircraft rather then alter the vertical speed, and there is no readout for the vertical speed in the window.

I do really like the improvements made to the sim, for example the houses look absolutely brilliant. Hopefully some more buildings can be added to airports at some stage.

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