FlyInside Fatal Error Encountered

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FlyInside Fatal Error Encountered

Postby tonyairplane » Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:56 pm

I was unable to play flyinside recently due to the following errors I have received:
"FlyInside Fatal Error Encountered (-2005530518, 8)Hooks\FSX\D3D9\IDirect3D9Hooks.cpp: Line 108"
" Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library: Runtime Error!"
(I attached an image/ txt file showing this)

I was running FlyInside FSX Pro 1.96 for Vive and Mixed Reality (SteamVR). I use a Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset.
I do not have any betas enabled for steam vr, Yet I have Ikg_release enabled in beta for windows mixed reality for steam vr. Not sure if this is causing any issues with flyinside. I started seeing these errors that I stated above when I enabled Ikg_releases and I cannot use steam VR without having Ikg_releases on.
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