Include Navigraph / RealTime Weather Injection / AI Aircraft

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Include Navigraph / RealTime Weather Injection / AI Aircraft

Postby velador73 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:44 am

If I would try to think on stuff that I missed and could help you boost the current sim I would say in this order thinking on smooth fliyability and mass adoption of users:
1) SDK/Plugins to migrate Scenarios for local airports from P3D/XPlane and enable planes to depart from stands or parking gates.
2) SDK To develop additional planes
2) AI Aircrafts and ATC
3) Real Weather
4) Possibility to fly connected to IVAO/VatSim showing other's planes
5) movings, ships, birds, etc.

Also nice to have the possibility to embed external windows in VR, so we could have Navigraph and charts in our screens or any external screen you'd want. I guess this is easy to do, as you've done it earlier in FlyInside-FSX

Would also be nice to have visibility on the roadmap, even count on some kind of voting so the community could influence on it.
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