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Air Link

Postby Johnny_Dioxin » Wed May 05, 2021 1:27 pm

Just to let anyone know that still comes here and may be wondering - I've been flying FSX with FyInside using Quest 2 and the beta Air Link function and it works as well as Virtual Desktop wireless. The only downer is that you have to use a controller to start things off, which means FlyInside sees the controller and you're stuck with it (i.e. unable to use gaze control with the interaction key) unless you pull out the batteries. If you have to use Touch covers as I do (due to allergy) it's a right pain. That's a FlyInside fault, though, as we can't simply switch off VR controller interaction.

Update: You can get around the controller thing by using the volume buttons on the headset to activate Air Link (the same way you have to use them when you first set up the headset, pressing both up and down ends at the same time). You do get the Oculus "Can't find your controllers" message every now and then, but it's only for a few seconds, so no bother, really.

Only negative I've come across so far is that, unlike with Virtual Desktop wireless, Air Link seems to drain the headset battery very quickly, so best using a charging battery plugged in whilst you fly.
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