Nv970 Upgrade from 660ti

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Nv970 Upgrade from 660ti

Postby whitav8 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:06 pm

I realize that many of you Oculus + flyInside +Flight sim folks (my kind of people) have Nvidia 970 or 980 products already but I just wanted to encourage others that were hanging on to their 600 or 700 series products that my jump from a 660ti to a 970 was worth it for sure. The image is the same but I can stay at 75 fps (NO JUDDER) nearly all the time whereas I was at 60fps or so before and had to keep from moving my head quickly. I have been using ULTRA resolution with both cards just so the instrument panel was clear enough for both the PMDG and CS777s.
A couple of issues though, for some reason I don't see any real improvement with DCS World 2.0 at Las Vegas in my A-10C (the realism at 1700 on June 1 (long shadows) with some clouds is amazing!!). I wrote down the FPS statistics with RCtrl-Pause and didn't see any real change - surprising - I would like to reduce the judder but I don't think DCS is using Asynchronous Time Warp yet anyway.
Now about Display Port...I've never used it. I have the DVI connector to my main old HD monitor and the Rift connected to HDMI - so good so far. But trying to use the Display Port connectors for my other two old HD monitors hasn't worked yet. With the Nvidia Control Panel, I don't even see the screens. If you google display port and 970/980 you get a LOT of forums complaining about similar issues. Surprisng that the new way of connecting is causing so many a lot of trouble. I'm going to try some better Display Port to DVI connectors.
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