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Re: Paramotor for FSX

Postby exploremore » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:38 pm

I have been enthusiastically exploring Norway OrbX scenery since I got it soon after release
Trying different planes from Ultralight to supersonic fighters with each giving a different but mostly enjoyable experience
Finally installed the Paramotor today and took to the air
A couple of minutes after taking off I thought I am not going far in this due to maximum speed of 17 knots
Just before I decided to end the flight and get into something more practical for going places I remembered the almost forgotten Simulator speed multiplyer
I flew over the sea in a minute instead of 10 & was confronted with a big tree covered cliff
I slowed down and flew diagonally up along it then puttered at 5 knots over some plateau lakes
After closely following the contours of the land both up and down I realised I was having the time of my life
Having flown a few times in our real real world with similar aircraft I can attest - its exciting
I ended up eating my dinner an hour later because of the thrilling flying so close to the ground with an incredible view all around me of Norwegian islands and fjords
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