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Re: CV1 v Vive

Postby Bruce_C » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:51 am

Yes, thanks Robert, an excellent and balanced response, I can't wait to hear how you get on with the Vive!

I'm a bit cheesed off with the vague lead times from Oculus but I was told April when I ordered, so as long as I have mine before the end of that month I'll be happy. As far as software goes I don't have any issues with Oculus home. It's not great but I put up with it like I do with Windows; I prefer OSX but I use Windows to get the results I want, simply the best OS for gaming at the moment!

As you say I think both headsets are comparable in terms of specs, there is nothing to swing me either way. I won't be swayed by the folk on Reddit or elsewhere bitching about details that can't easily be measured such as FOV or SDE but it will be interesting to see what the next gen brings!

I have little interest in the touch controllers so I'm inclined to save the money right now and see how they work out. I suspect Oculus will have nailed the egonomicswhen they release Touch, just looking at their design, however only time will tell which solution (if any) is better.


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Re: CV1 v Vive

Postby Robert » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:19 pm

I think Touch will be great when it comes out and will fix a lot of the general response there has been to the Rift so far. To be honest, though, there are only a few of the games that I've seen that use the controllers in either camp that interest me but Tiltbrush is one of them and a big one. I think that will be a lot of fun. Budget Cuts and Hover Junkers are the others. And who knows what else there will be that might be good. I think the controllers would be a natural if Train Simulator goes VR and I want to be able to do that. But with the HMDs themselves apparently so comparable, and the other reasons I mentioned, it made more sense for me to go with the Vive. My real interest is in the sim world with flying very closely followed by driving and I was already an idiot with buying a HOTAS, pedals, and a wheel. Also, both HMDs give you a longer cable than the DK2 which I'm looking forward to but I think Vive's is a few feet longer than Rift's. I don't have verification, but even if not, the new HMDs will be wonderful for being able to look around more, exit the vehicles, etc.

But I really do think because of how these things launched, this first round will be shorter lived as both companies either try to gain back or extend a lead, especially with such juicy and enabling tech right on the doorstep. The only way I see that not being true is if VR in general just falls flat and there aren't enough sales to justify further development. It may have an uphill climb as there looks like videos being posted now of newbies getting ill in the Rift playing various games, but for those that get good experiences and a proper introduction, it's very addictive. I know I would consider myself addicted. It just adds too much. But back to the point, it also didn't make sense to me to get too invested in gen 1 when I think gen 2 won't be that far away.

I think people will be happy with either. That's been the summation in a lot of the reviews with the controller caveat. :D
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Re: CV1 v Vive

Postby AucklandRift » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:03 pm

Gentlemen. Thank you for such balanced reviews and comments. It helps all of us who have DK2s and have yet to take the next step. :mrgreen:
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