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Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 2:08 am
by Bruce_C
To be honest this looks like an entry level rework of FSX to pretty it up and get some quick sales from the non simmers/casual gamers. I'm not interested and probably wouldn't be even if it had VR support now.

We have FSX/P3D working really nicely with VR now and I trust Dan will continue to improve it. What we need next is a sim built from the ground up to accommodate VR. Personally I'd like something open world like FSX that would also allow for combat.. It's a big ask but then 30 years ago I dreamt about this helmet you could put on that would make you feel like you were in the cockpit of an aeroplane, sounds mad huh?

Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 10:13 am
by aerohead
Don't let all the naysayers around here keep you from from getting FI working on this new Flight School. It's sounds so close to FSX in many ways, I'm hoping its not a big stretch for you. While many of us on this forum may pass it by, I believe it holds some promise to get your product out to a wider audience.

Most of us have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on just the software add-ons to get FSX/P3D working 'satisfactorily'. For us the benefits of Flight School are small, but to the casual gamer out there with a new Rift willing to drop ~$50 on many new titles, a combination of Flight School and FI may just get them to see what most of us see....VR is the future of a large portion of the flight sim market. Plus I think its a door into the larger Dovetail Flight Sim, which could be a great business for you....Dovetail doesn't seem to be too interested in putting in native VR support in the near term.

Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 10:15 am
by Bruce_C
That's a very good point. If Flight School appeals to the casual gamers then it could bring VR to those folk too, some of whom are bound to graduate to bigger and better things.

Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 11:52 am
by Tony
What worries me is that the visuals alone in this product may put people off. It's not Really a wow factor is it ? Even in VR I think it'll be underwhelming. Just my tuppence worth :(


Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 12:47 pm
by Derek Speare
My thoughts from a VR perspective on this one and the one to follow is that since it appears to be a a rework of FSX that it may lend itself to be responsive to anything Dan might try to do for it. Clearly the developers of it don't consider VR to be a priority in the near term, so the only hope for VR in these two Dovetail titles is possibly Dan. While I'm not really looking to switch from FSX/P3d, something new would be interesting, but only if VR works.

The other glaring fact is that many of us, as previously noted, have much money wrapped up in FSX/P3d and a new Flight Sim would have limited addon content initially, likely take a long time to come and will cost more money all over again. AND some of our favorite "pet addons" may never come along. When you add up the reality that there is no VR and user's will have to pay more money again in the future for content, I can't see any meaningful value proposition to switch from a platform that basically is ideal.

Moreover, DTG's posture when it comes to converting addons is that since this base title is 64 bit and addons are written for 32 bit is that it's "not possible". I'm not convinced that's entirely the case, but they really are not making it easy for those who want to make a migration. They really have big shoes to fill if they wish to supplant FSX/P3d, and I can even foresee non-VR users immediately objecting to the reality that all of their add-on content is for nothing.

I do like the idea of a training sim, but only if it's got VR, otherwise it won't be for me.

Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 5:41 pm
by aerohead
While I agree that the Wow factor of what we've seen so far on Flight School graphics leaves something to be desired, I'm not sure it makes that big of a difference given the current status of 1st gen VR headsets. Those high end graphics lose a lot of luster in the transition to low resolution, low contrast VR headsets.

In my opinion, to be successful within a FI (VR) world, Flight School just needs to run smoothly and not pose a large learning curve for the others out there in the gaming world who think people like us are nuts with our simpits and 7 years of tweaking on FSX. We're a dedicated bunch, but not really that big of a market in terms of numbers of participants. I'm betting Dan could double or triple the interest in FI with a good solution for the upcoming Flight School release....especially if he can somehow link it into the Steam Store as a form of DLC.

But what do I know...I'm one of those crazy guys willing to spend $400 on a set of rudder pedals from a furniture designer in Croatia and wait 6 months to get them... 8-) 8-) 8-)

Re: dovetail flight school support

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 10:55 pm
by Robert
I haven't had much time recently but watched the video Tony posted ( and it's not bad. I think my scenery now looks a lot better than what they were showing, but I think the aircraft look great!

If Dan supports the DTG Flight Simulator, since it is essentially a superset of Flight School, I'd probably go for it. What I was meaning is I'm not buying any flight sims that don't have VR support. If it is native or by Dan or someone else, as long as it works well, I would probably buy in if it offers something special that I don't already have. But in saying that I also have to say I'm very happy with my FSX/P3D environments for what and how I fly now. :D