DCS now works with Oculus 1.3

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Re: DCS now works with Oculus 1.3

Postby Derek Speare » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:28 am

Muso-Ka wrote:
Derek Speare wrote:
You can't.

Thank you, very sorry . :(

YW :) I conclude that DCS worldscale is correct, making it unnecessary to change. I'd like, however, a binocular function like Dan has with FlyInside. Here's my list for DCS VR improvements:

1 - menu optimization for VR users (they are working on that one)
2 - seat adjustment bindable to joysticks, boxes, etc.
3 - binoculators or zoom function
4 - optimization to the various world objects to reduce inefficient rendering
5 - update the frame rate counter to include ATW frame rates
6 - kneeboard function like FlyInside
7 - VR Friendly Radio Menus
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Re: DCS now works with Oculus 1.3

Postby Hesynergy » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:05 am

Derek Speare wrote:
Here are BoxxManns's Useful Tidbits with eyepoint in DCS and Oculus:

RCTRL + RSHFT + KP4,2,6,8 = Moves your eyepoint L,D,R,U respectively
RCTRL + RSHFT + KP*, - = Moves your eyepoint fore and aft
RALT + KP0 = Saves your current eyepoint position
KP5 Recenters your view (Bind to a button with Joy2Key or other remapper)

RCTRL + Pause/Break = Activates your frame counter

Good info, but
1. KP=Numeric Key Pad?
A. RCTRL + RSHFT + KP*, - = Moves your eyepoint fore and aft but you are showing 4(four) Key combos
2. Which OR do you have...Do I understand correctly...DK2?
3. What key on the TM HOTAS warthog is NOT BOUND on the A-10C??


See Avsim for background
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