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Re: Assetto corsa

Postby Robert » Thu May 19, 2016 6:22 pm

Hey Tony, I can only compare PCars in the Vive and AC in the DK2, but AC just seemed to be a bit more solid. The cars in PCars seem to be a little light and it's really easy to kick the wheels out if you are too hard on the throttle or the brakes. On the other hand, and being realistic about it, I really doubt I could throw a Lotus 49 or 25 around a track at speed and do a full race without spinning out or worse in real life and that's what I do in PCars in those cars now. Maybe it is more realistic than I give it credit?

I haven't run AC for a while but the visuals seem pretty comparable with PCars now being maybe a slight win over what AC was back when I was running it. The menus in PCars are way easier to navigate now than AC at least used to be.

Bruce will be able to comment on apples to apples today in the CV1, though.

But I had forgotten how fun racing is in VR since AC had dropped off the VR radar for a while and until PCars added support for the Vive. I'm getting a handle on the cars now and it's huge fun.
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Re: Assetto corsa

Postby Bruce_C » Fri May 20, 2016 3:10 am

Bear in mind I've only given AC a quick look so far but as a quick and dirty comparison P Cars definitely seems to be the nicer looking of the two. Both games seem to run very smoothly on my rig at whatever default graphic settings they have, I haven't tweaked either yet (and I've been using Pcars for a few weeks as you know)

Comparing a couple of cars (1 series BMW and Lotus 49) they obviously drive differently in both games but I have no way of knowing which is more accurate. I'll take Derek's word that AC is the more realistic but the difference isn't obvious like, say comparing the FSX A2A Spitfire with the War Thunder equivalent!

I'm trying to drive both with the realism cranked up a bit now but I do still like to see the racing line, at least while I'm learning a new track and I prefer the bolder, brighter one in P Cars. I'll post more next week when I've had a bit more time to play.

Both are light years ahead of LFS graphically but I still love how that sim drives too. I also recently grabbed the free PC beta of 'Forza 6' (it's free so why not?) it has no VR support so I can't see me playing this much though I actually DO enjoy a fun 'arcadey' racer now and again (I still play BLUR at LAN parties a few times a year!)

BTW does anyone else have Radial G: Racing Evolved? I loved the demo when I first had my DK2 and I've got the full game which is ok, might be more fun in multiplayer?
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Re: Assetto corsa

Postby Robert » Fri May 20, 2016 9:37 am

Hehe... I've got Radial G. It's a great racer too!

Looks like I can't run AC for now anyway. Apparently the Oculus update rolling out now blocks the revive mod that allows Vive to run titles with Oculus support. Just have to wait for native support.
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Re: Assetto corsa

Postby Sheza58 » Fri May 20, 2016 10:05 am

No way! (FSX closed - AC opened)
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Re: Assetto corsa

Postby Derek Speare » Fri May 20, 2016 1:23 pm

Make sure you turn off AA and turn off Post Processing. Run your head movement to zero as well. Turning off PP will make it look better. While not as pretty as Pcars, it drives much better.
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