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Apollo 11 VR - Rift

Postby Joby33y » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:50 pm

Hello fellow flight fans,

I just thought I'd post my recent experience with one of the apps at the Oculus store..."Apollo 11" is absolutely fantastic and so cool, so entertaining and educational.

It's an "app" at the Oculus store (not free, but not expensive either) ie, part interactive game, part documentary. You get to re-live the mission from launch to splashdown....and many sequences are user selectable between 'cinematic' (sit back, watch and enjoy'), or 'interactive' (you're the astronaut; use the gamepad, complete the sequence).

I don't write reviews, but let me tell you that this experience is (like FlyInside) simply breathtaking. When you find yourself in the VR cockpit of the Lunar Lander trying to bring her down to a soft landing, I find that the hardest part is concentrating on not staring endlessly at the detail of the beatifully rendered cockpit. You are "there"....and it'll take a few trys to get it right.

One sequence includes a gradual flyby of the Kennedy Space Center, then gently floats you down from several hundred feet while getting an amazing view of the vehicle pre-launch. Then, you get in the elevator & ride all the way up for boarding. Again, breathtaking. :o

I find it fascinating and thoroughly challenging, and awesome. Enjoy.
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