FlyInside, JoinFS, and sharing VR experiences

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FlyInside, JoinFS, and sharing VR experiences

Postby Robert » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:09 am

Hey guys, just something to think about because I think it's kind of a first for VR - sharing full VR experiences instead of videos of the experiences. Besides flying smooth cross-platform multiplayer, JoinFS lets you record and overdub and build up flights of aircraft and save those flights. I have been using it to build up air races but aerobatics teams could record their routines, etc, and then if others grab those descriptor files and play them back, they can view the event from any angle, fly along with, make movies of, etc. It's sharing VR experiences themselves where the viewer can roam around in, fly with, or view as they wish without being a developer and building the whole thing.

The JoinFS files are also much smaller than videos. Uncompressed my "air race" is 10 MB. The video I posted is much bigger and was a pain to edit down. Plus, viewers are constrained to just what you show them for better or worse and certainly can't grab their own plane and fly along. On the other hand, they need to have a computer, a compatible flight sim, etc, but I think this capability Dan and Peter have provided with their software may be unique in being able to share this hobby.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, here is the JoinFS file for the air race in the YouTube video: ... UZVa2xmVHM (Zipped JoinFS file) (Air race video)

The planes are at the FASA site and you'll want them if you don't already have them:

The scenery in the video is custom and the guy building it has asked me not to share it yet, but stock scenery should get you in the ballpark. The custom scenery has the pylons at proper locations by GPS, extra ambience static planes, structures, and crowds. I also run with Orbx global base and vector so some elevation data may mismatch. If you get Orbx's free BOB or take a helicopter out to the pylons (that might be very cool) you can replay the race and watch the the planes go by. In hindsight, helicopter shots of the planes taxiing would have been very cool but anyone can do that for themselves.

Peter accidentally took out the ability to join the cockpit of recorded planes in 1.0.14 but is fixing it for 1.0.15 so next JoinFS update you should be able to even ride this race from any of the planes. With JoinFS, people can make any kind of experience they want - flying lessons, aerobatic displays, shooting traps on carriers, skills demonstrations, etc - and others can experience them instead of just watch them. People can compete for low times in missions, etc. It opens up all sorts of possibilities.

We can do all this in VR which really amps up the experience but all this also works for monitor pilots. But I still think this is a kind of first for VR that these guys have allowed.

Anyway, check out the race if interested and see if other possibilities with this stuff don't come to mind. The subterfuge here is how cool air racing is and this will let you have a ready-made taste. You can't ride in the planes until JoinFS 1.0.15 hits or unless you revert to 13. (Pretty sure 13 still let you share AI cockpits) But you can certainly fly along or hang out near a pylon to watch the race. Hopefully Alan gets the custom scenery finished up and available for download so you can see it how it ought to be. The ground to air views at the pylons are very cool but so should the views from the pace planes, the planes that get passed or pass others, etc.
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