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instructional video

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:59 pm
by chris
can someone please put up an instructional video on how to setup flyinside xp 11
complete with there graphic card settings weather or not nvidia inspector has to be used along with there sweet spot settings for flyinde xp and how to get them
I,m really getting frustrated with this I spend so much time trying to stuff around with settings and such i don't even get a chance to get airborne
PLEASE somebody help ( with a video)
this is my last resort
if i set the FI to max resolution it just wont return to the vr cockpit
1 do i have to turn off nvidia physx ?
2 do i have to set the desktop resolution to HMD's resolution?
3 what HDR settings (if used)?
how much scenery?
how many other aircraft (auto AI)?
weather (clouds etc) settings ?
the list goes on
i just want nice resolution :cry:
i have the nvidia 1060 which should be ample (not OC'd) do i have to overclock
i just don't know it drivin me NUTS !!