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CS777 virtual cockpit better than PMDG

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:41 pm
by whitav8
To all the Rifters,
I have both the PMDG 777 which I run with FSX and then the Captain Sim 777 that I run with Prepar3D. I think the VR virtual cockpit appearance with the CS777 is a bit better - the PFD and NAV displays are done with textures instead of separate lines from PMDG - with the low level of antialiasing available as yet on the FlyInside/DK2 system, it looks smoother - still requires a "lean in" to read the small fonts. The individuals element models are just a little better as well so it really feels like the 777 cockpit that I remember from my work with Boeing's 777 flight simulator. Amazingly, the Asynchronous Time Warp shows 70+ even though the cockpit reports under 20 fps.
I suppose the systems modeling from PMDG may be somewhat better but I was pleased with the VR feel - and I wanted some of you to try it. It is the largest vovkpit that I have seen with FlyInside. I just hope that we can move toward more resolution and better AA in the next year or so. I need to upgrade to a Nv980 as well.