Success story with Optimus laptop

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Success story with Optimus laptop

Postby noxo » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:55 am


Just wanted the share this, because I have read about so many bad user experiences with VR & laptops having
NVidia Optimus technology. In short, Optimus is a technology for switching between integrated graphics and
discrete graphics chips in laptops, to save power. For example in most laptops external display ports (e. g. HDMI
where you plugin the Oculus Rift) are usually piped thru integrated graphics, which can cause Oculus Runtime not
to propery run/ detect the discrete graphics chip (there are also other reasons which are beyond the scope :D ).

Anyway, I have FlyInside FSX successfully running on MSI GS 60 laptop. This is the latest 1080P Broadwell model,
with Intel HD 5600 and NVidia 970m (and Optimus). I have Steam version of FSX, and game is running in "High" -
graphics settings. Game is running nicely with ~40-50 FPS in Friday Harbor, and Timewarp is giving pretty steadily 75 FPS.

Here are some prerequisites, that I've found in general for running game successfully:
- Oculus Runtime v0.6.0, Extended Mode (HMD/dGPU is no properly detected with v0.7.0 and v0.8.0)
- Windows 8.1 (v0.7.0 is minimum for Windows 10, althought I've read you can also run v0.6.0 in Win 10)
- NVidia driver v358.78 (v358.50 works also)

One important thing is to force Oculus Service to run on discrete graphics chip. If this step is not performed
you'll get the FlyInside FSX splash screen hanging in Oculus forever (no reaction to HMD motion). I can see
in NVidia Control panel, that service should be running on discrete chip, but looks like you sometimes have to
manually start the service in this way. Also the Demo Scene in Oculus Utility in most of times does not work,
but games run properly.

- Shutdown Oculus service using Oculus utility (or using services.msc)
- find OVRService_x64.exe in "program files", right click it, and select run on Nvidia graphics

When you start start the game, pick up discrete graphics chip in FlyInsde FSX adapter selection popup for both
Oculus and main screen. I've three choices available for Oculus (970m, Intel 5600, Microsoft direct renderer)
and for some odd reason 970m then appears twice in main display selection (first one works).

I'll have the logs and settings file attached in this post, for the curious ones ;)

Anyway, I think FlyInside FSX has been one of best flightsim experience so far. I've been playing with sims since
first classics from MicroProse to C64, but this just blows everything out.. VR really works for sims!!
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