New Update.

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New Update.

Postby Tony » Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:25 am

I thought I'd post a little update for you to keep you lot informed of what's going on now and in the near future :)

Dan has been increasing his dev workforce to improve/update Flyinside for us all. A new update will be coming soon with lots of fixes and improvements, a list of a few below.

Oculus Touch support (improved)
Tons of crash fixes (Dash-8 Q400 crash)
New radio interactors
Fixes to the dark non-HDR bug in X-Plane 11
Fixes to the boat wakes only showing in one eye in Prepar3D
Plus more to be announced (he don't tell me everything :) )

Now please don't ask for a release date, the devs are working hard and Flyinside will continue to improve. You guys won't be disappointed :)

From Dan = "Anyway, goal is to 100% launch FlyInside 1.8 in April, no matter what. If certain features don't make the cut, we're just going to do it anyways".

I'll try to keep you informed and post further updates as I get them.
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